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90.01.100 HF+LF / Hættetrøje syet af Silver Elastic

90.01.100 HF+LF / Hættetrøje syet af Silver Elastic
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Tynd Hættetrøje syet i stoffet Silver Elastic

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HF and LF shielding hooded long sleeve shirt made of Silver Elastic. To wear as thin sweater or as pyjama top in combination with our long underpants TEU. Top-quality individual pieces produced by us, no mass production! Perfect at home, on holiday or on business trips!

Characteristics Silver-Elastic

  • Silver-Elastic is a very elastic fabric which fits each body shape easily. Therefore it is not visible through outer clothing.
  • Silver-Elastic has a very high washability without attenuation loss, see our „washing test“ on the fabric pages.
  • Despite the metal surface, Silver-Elastic is soft and comfortable against the skin.
  • Silver-Elastic is electrically conductive on both sides which is why low-frequency fields will connect less and can be conducted away more easily. Many electrosensitive people give priority to fabrics that are groundable!

Technical data

  • European sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL
  • Attenuation: 50 dB
  • Color: Silver
  • Raw materials: 80 % spandex, 20 % silver
  • Weight: 130 g/m²
  • Surface conductivity: 0.5 ohm / inch (square resistance)

Shielding attenuation

The above mentioned screening attenuation values always apply to 1Ghz. The screening attenuation is regularly tested in our own EMC laboratory, we have measurement setups due to the following standards: ASTM D4935-10, IEEE Std 299-2006, IEEEE Std 1128-1998, ASTM A698/A698M-07. You find the test report with further details above on this page.


Gentle cycle
at 30°C.
Do not iron.
Drying at very
low temperatures.
No bleaching.
No chemical

Cleaning in a washing machine at 30°C with our special washing detergent TEXCARE. No handwashing!
For allergic persons: Every new fabric smells! Always wash before its first usage!

Information about silver-fabrics

Discoloration: Fabrics with silver threads will discolor over time! The reasons for this are direct sunlight, heat from the radiator, splashes from cleaning water, sweat,  etc. Stained places have no negative effects on the screening attenuation at all and they are no quality defect! Durability: Fabrics with nonprotected silver threads show a limited stability. The life period of those fabrics is depending on the frequency of movement. Regularly washing using our washing detergent TEXcare is without any problems. Curtains will last for many years. Canopies will stay stable if they are not completely  wrapped away daily. Alternative: More longlife are canopies made from VOILE or Naturell Clothing weared once a week in case of emergency will stay stable for many years, daily use for sleeping will reduce the shielding very fast. Nanosilver: Nanosilver particles are discussed very controversial. All our fabrics, silver yarns and silvered textiles are coated with a very thick layer of 99 % „metallic silver“. This particles are too big to penetrate through the skin!

DKK 2.125,00 Lg varen i kurven

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