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Shipping restrictions: This product is not frost resistant, shipping only at temperatures over 0°C. At long frost periods during winter time, the shipping of this shielding paint can be rescheduled by a few days. Our frost resistant shielding paint HSF54 is our alternative that can always be shipped.

Screening attenuation: All stated attenuation values apply at 1 Ghz. Measurement to ASTM D4935-10 or IEEE Std 299-2006 or IEEEE Std 1128-1998 or ASTM A698/A698M-07. You find the test report above under "Report screening attenuation".
Fire behavior: This product is flame-retardant to DIN 4102-1 (B1), see above under "Report fire behavior DIN 4102-1".
Application: Floor, Wall interior, Ceiling
Field type: HF (High frequency electromagnetic fields), LF (Low frequency alternating electrical fields)
Ecology: High
Color: Black

Ecological compromise. Recommendation for interior use. Based on potassium silicate combinded with a pure acrylic binder for enhanced adhesion. Dispersion-silicate paint with limited moisture resistance, therefore for interior use only. Because of a pH-value of 12 (superalkaline), application only with protective equipment. Breathable, solvent free, neutral odor, low-emission.

  • Screening attenuation: One layer 39 dB, two layers 46 dB. The shielding attenuation is regularly tested in our own EMC laboratory. We have measurement setups due to the following standards: ASTM D4935-10, IEEE Std 299-2006, IEEEE Std 1128-1998, ASTM A698/A698M-07.
  • Common: Our shielding paints, shielding with carbons have many advantages, see common characteristics.
  • Application (coverage): Interior (7.5 m²/l).
  • Underground: Interior: Excellent adhesion on almost all undergrounds like existing emulsion paints, sheetrock, wallpaper, cement, plaster, masonry, wood, glass, plastic substrates, etc.
  • Top coating: Preferably covered with plastic bonded, water-based emulsion paints or dispersion silicate paints. We restricted recommend pure mineral paints (clay, loam, chalk, silicate). Please find appropriate product recommendations in the technical data sheet.
  • Grounding: Must be grounded! We recommend interior the grounding strap EB2 plus grounding plate GW (GB) plus GP, exterior the fiber additive AF3 plus the grounding plate GE.
  • Ingredients: Potassium silicate, graphite, water, pure acylic dispersion, carbon black, additives, preservative (MIT, BIT).
  • Technical data: VOC-content: 0.1 g/l (the EU limit value for category A/a is 30 g/l from 2010). Sd-value: 0.05 m. Ph-value: 12. Adhesive tensile strenght: 2.2 N/mm². Shelf live: 12 months. Color: Black.
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